Aging In Place

Aging In Place Some older adults in North Carolina who want to age in place are becoming members of a “pod”—a care pod, that is—to get the services that they need to stay in their homes. CarePods, a Charlotte-based company, is transforming the way seniors age in place in the greater Charlotte area, as well … Continue reading “Aging In Place”

Long Term Care

Long Term Care When U.S. Rep. Tom Suozzi (D-New York) was growing up, all four of his grandparents lived with him and his family in Glen Cove, New York. Suozzi said three of his grandparents were very sick and his family pitched in to care for them. Suozzi said his mother, a former operating room … Continue reading “Long Term Care”

Helping The Elderly JULY 2021

Helping The Elderly JULY 2021 In Albany County, New York, some older adults have resumed their outside activities for the first time since the coronavirus disease pandemic gripped the nation. Other seniors, however, are facing more challenges in their return to normalcy. So, Community Caregivers are stepping in to help them out. The Guilderland-based nonprofit … Continue reading “Helping The Elderly JULY 2021”

Senior Age Tech

Senior Age Tech The age-tech industry is expected to boom over the next few years, and AARP plans to help it along through its Innovation Labs. AARP believes that helping companies in their efforts to offer “innovative, senior-focused tech-based products and services” allows older adults to choose how they live as they age. Companies and … Continue reading “Senior Age Tech”

Budget For Caregiving

Budget For Caregiving When we think of frontline workers in the healthcare profession, doctors, nurses, and pharmacists are a few that come to mind. People who are usually left off the frontline workers list but are also committed to helping the sick and elderly are caregivers. Because of this, caregiver advocacy groups recommend families include … Continue reading “Budget For Caregiving”

Latest on Alzheimer Drugs

Latest on Alzheimer Drugs A Berwyn, Pennsylvania biopharmaceutical firm plans to add a new drug to fight against Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Annovis Bio recently announced positive results from clinical testing ANVS401, the company’s lead experimental drug. After releasing Phase 2 study data in late May, the firm’s stock surged 127 percent at $60 … Continue reading “Latest on Alzheimer Drugs”

Helping The Elderly

Helping The Elderly Sam Keursch’s grandparents wanted to get their COVID-19 vaccinations in January, so Sam watched how his father scheduled their appointments online. Sam, a 12-year-old New York resident, realized that seniors wanted to make appointments but were not very good with technology. Inspired to help the elderly, Sam contacted his neighbor, Gitta Silberstein, … Continue reading “Helping The Elderly”

Elderly Scam / Fraud Alert

Elderly Scam / Fraud Alert It takes time and effort to find the right product or service when shopping online. But, while doing an online search, shoppers may not be aware that scammers are following them around. Fraudsters troll online shoppers to find out what they are searching for or the links they are clicking … Continue reading “Elderly Scam / Fraud Alert”

Helping The Elderly APR 2021

Helping The Elderly APRIL 2021 Ava Weinstein, 16, and her sister, Lily, 15, wanted to help their grandparents schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment. The Rosalyn, New York, sisters said their grandparents, Allen Resnick, 82, and Sheila Resnick, 79, “kept getting sent in circles” when trying to make an appointment. So, Ava and Lily took a … Continue reading “Helping The Elderly APR 2021”