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Helping Families And Loved One’s Age Independently At Home For 25 Years!

Video Testimonial From Guy Stoye, an FCP Live-In client!

Real video testimonials from real people and how FCP Live-In home care was able to grant them the ability to stay home and receive the care they needed.

The following quotes are reviews and testimonials about FCP Live-In caregivers and FCP Live-in — real comments from just a few of our many satisfied clients.

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“Simply stated, I would never have been able to bring my husband home from the hospital if it hadn’t been for FCP Live-In. The hospital wanted to send him to a nursing home where he would have been quarantined for two weeks and would have been all alone. FCP Live-In sent a representative to my home on a holiday weekend, and three days later, we had a CNA. Not only did he help with my husband, but he also cooked, cleaned, and washed dishes! All he wanted to do was come home, and FCP Live-In made that happen.”
– Alison O’Rourke
“FCP Live-In has helped seniors who have received rehabilitation services at Pleasant Bay Nursing & Rehabilitation Center to successfully live at home with some assistance and support. The pandemic’s social distancing protocols and enhanced infection control measures mean we have to be more resourceful, including helping those families who will be caring for a discharged patient at home.”
– Michelle Callahan of Pleasant Bay Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Brewster, Massachusetts.
“I went in and introduced myself, and [the client] shook my hand and responded with her name, followed by ‘I’m gonna be dead in a week. It broke my heart and also warmed it, because it was Friday afternoon when I finished the paperwork. I got on the ferry, and by Monday I was at her house with a caregiver, waiting for her to come back … she shook my hand and thanked me, and it was that moment right there that I know I did the right thing to join FCP Live-In.”
– FCP Live-In Care Coordinator, Kevin Williams
“The reason I chose this company is because I liked the idea of one person taking care of someone that I loved. In the beginning, I was there checking in, of course, but then, it got easier. When it came time for Georgette to pass, Grace stayed and held one hand and I held the other hand. She cried and I cried. So, this company has people that also feel.”
– Irene Wagner
“Our decision to choose FCP Live-In was easy to make. First, it was the one-on-one, twenty-four-hour care. Second, was finding that my mother quickly bonded with her caregiver, who knew her wants and needs. Third, it was the cost factor; we found FCP Live-In very affordable!”
– Gino Daigneault
“The services (FCP Live-In) offer made a big difference in the dignity and comfort that Mom experienced in her final days and the positive impact Emma had on our lives during this time. She deserves the highest honors. She does her job in a quiet, gentle, and even-handed style. I gave her praise for her daily care—Emma’s response was, ‘this is my job.’ To her, the work she did was ordinary and necessary. For us, she was a godsend.”
– Mike Bean
“I had no idea what to expect when hiring a live-in caregiver for my Mom. The needs of a dementia patient evolve day by day and hour by hour, making it impossible to predict who would be a good fit. “I’m happy to say that Shawon was a perfect fit. She seamlessly settled into her role of caregiver while quickly becoming a welcome addition to our family. Her firm but compassionate approach got my mom through her most uncooperative moments, always with a smile and a song. We couldn’t be more pleased with Shawon’s participation in my Mom’s care,””
– Brian Weeks
“I can’t express how wonderful FCP Live-In has been!” Lori said. “Coming from a medical background, you hope to find the best care for your loved ones. FCP Live-In has been excellent by being very mindful and meticulous in ensuring that the caregiver provided is a match for your loved one! All —including the billing staff—have been ongoing to be helpful and provide whatever you are asking help for. If you are looking for someone to take care of your loved one at home, I highly recommend FCP! They truly care about your loved one and you!”
– Lori Darnell
“FCP Live-In always had the patient’s needs and the family’s support care at the forefront of conversations! Our family’s experience with FCP Live-in was positive from the start, and they were our rescue relief when medical changes required us to make quick decisions. The FCP coordinators did an excellent job sourcing out for a care provider that matched our needs and our family’s personality. He was a perfect fit with us and became part of our extended family. When the primary care person had scheduled time off, FCP made seamless transitions between the temporary providers so that we never had a minute of unattended time, and every temporary provider was excellent and the care level was consistent with what we grew to expect. It’s great to know how beneficial FCP Live-In is in helping families through their stressful times”
– Andrew Cusack
“I Felt Very Confident In Contracting With The FCP Agency! It’s obvious that she [Caregiver] takes her job very seriously, and she treats my sister like family, I am very satisfied with the care that my sister is receiving from the FCP Live-In agency.”
– Bill Grodzki
“My Mom has issues with memory and sight that have failed more in the last 5-6 months but she is still adamant about staying in her home. Helen [caregiver] is a Godsend! Both my Mom and I love her. She has so much patience and is always willing to do what needs to be done. You have one of the best employees I have ever encountered in my many years working in the medical field (Neurosurgical operating room nurse) for 30+ years. She deserves an outstanding employee award in our opinion! ”
– Bonnie S. (Daughter) – Salem, MA
“I was afraid of falling before Sherridan [caregiver]. Sherridan is fabulous, absolutely terrific and a delight! She has made a big difference and helps me in so many ways. FCP Live-In services are great!”
– Carol R. (Client) – Pittsfield, MA
“My caregiver Kittina has helped me with my arthritis. She is wonderful and like a member of the family. I have been very happy with FCP Live-In’s services!”
– Beverly S. (Client) – Fairhaven, MA
“FCP caregivers really know how to handle Alzheimer’s and Dementia! Marjorie [caregiver] was pleasant, nice and caring to my Dad [Joseph, client]. She took good care of my Dad and he also got along with Millicent, [caregiver] who was also terrific!”
– Gordon S. (Son) – Shelton, CT
“My Dad’s caregiver Abakar is wonderful! He has been going to the hospital to see my Dad. He is a great, patient man.”
– William M. (Son) – Lee, MA
“Monique [caregiver] is a hard worker and understands dementia, fall risks, and dehydration. She is nice, caring and takes really good care of my Mom, which makes it stress-free for me! FCP Live-In’s services are wonderful!”
– Geraldine D. (Daughter) – Bridgeport, CT
“FCP Live-In does a really good job recruiting! I love my Mom’s caregiver Eulalie! She is wonderful with my Mom! She is a good cook and is very clean, pleasant, caring, conscientious, non-confrontational and just wonderful all the way around.”
– Susannah C. (Daughter) – West Falmouth – MA
“We could not have asked for a better match. Maureen knows Dementia and Walter’s [client] moods. She knows how to approach him politely, engages with him and is a good advocate for him. Maureen cooks, cleans and makes sure that everything is okay. She engages with Walter and keeps him motivated and alert. Maureen communicates well with me as well.”
– Stephanie S. (Wife) – Fairfield, ME
“My Mom’s caregiver Eugennie is ‘the best there has ever been’ She has great Dementia experience and the skill set to be able to separate herself but also is able to manage mom and calm her. She is also a good communicator with the family.”
– Dr. Michael S. (Son) -Fairfield, CT
“My Dad’s caregiver Eileen is the perfect fit for my Dad and FCP Live-In services are working out well! Eileen is talkative, engaging and my Dad and her joke with each other and keep each other laughing. They even share the same Birthday!”
– Donna S. (Daughter) – Winchester, MA
“Pamela [caregiver] is compassionate with end of life care. Pamela is honest and hard-working, a good woman who took better care of mom than we could have. We are going to miss her and have been very pleased with FCP Live-In’s services.”
– Susan N. (Daughter) – East Boston, MA
“FCP Live-In care is outstanding! We could not be happier with the care and the services are a blessing. The people at FCP Live-In have a truly sincere heart and concern for others. The prices are also very fair. All of this is rare to find!”
– Mollie T. (Client) – Norwalk, CT
“My Mom is doing better and her caregiver Paul is very good! He is helping her with her UTI infection and making sure she gets her medicine. He also gets along with the entire family!”
– Paul G. (Son) – Lewiston, ME
“Everything is working out great with my Mom’s caregiver, Sherridan. She is calm and has a thoughtful demeanor and a nice approach with my Mom. We are very happy with Sherridan and FCP Live-In services!”
– Scott R. (Son) – Pittsfield – MA
“We are going to miss my Mom’s caregiver, Elvira. She is lovely, great, and welcoming and able to handle Hospice Care.”
– Betty M. (Daughter) – South Portland, ME
“I am very grateful that FCP Live-In is available in Maine. I never thought I would find anything or anyone to do this. I also love that we were able to bring Walter and he is able to remain at home!”
– Stephanie S. (Wife) – Fairfield, ME
“My Mom’s caregiver Bintou is really helping her depression and anxiety! She is really nice, doing a great job and my Mom really likes Bintou! FCP Live-In’s services are good!”
– Donne B. (Daughter) – Farmington ME
“My Mom is much healthier with Beverly [caregiver] and has not had a fall since care started! They get along well! FCP Live-In’s services are good.”
– Bob L. (Son) – Peabody MA
“My Mom is doing so much better! We have no complaints! FCP Live-In’s services are perfect!”
– Chris K. (Son) – Dracut, MA
“Everything is going along well with Evelina [caregiver]! She is taking good care of me!”
– Richard K. (Client) – Centerville, MA
“Grace [carergiver] is top-notch with my Mom who has Dementia and redirects her when needed. She also keeps my mom fed, clean and does everything. FCP Live-In’s services are good! I am very satisfied!”
– Michael K. (Son) – Chicopee, MA
“Tamikya is the best caregiver my Mom has ever had! I am very happy with my Mom’s care! Tamikya is wonderful and really understands how to manage the elders. Because of Tamikya, my Mom has not fallen. She has not had to go to the hospital and is able to stay in her home. She is so good with my Mom despite her being difficult at times.”
– Larry K. (Son) – Quincy, MA
“Gwen [caregiver] is perfect for my Mom, just wonderful, always laughing and smiling which makes my Mom and Dad happy. Una [caregiver] is fabulous as well! She is able to cover for Gwen which is really nice and makes the transition great! FCP Live-In’s services are great!”
– Fran S. (Daughter) – New Haven, CT
“FCP Live-In’s services are more than great! Hawa [caregiver] is a gift from God and she is just amazing with my Mom!”
– Barbara B. (Daughter) – Arlington, MA
“My Dad is slowly getting better thanks to Samuel’s [caregiver] understanding of diabetes. They are moving in a positive direction and Samuel has been there every step of the way for us and was very helpful. FCP Live-In’s services are working out great!”
– Ron F. (Son) – Medford MA.
“My first impression of Ernestina, my Mom’s caregiver, was ‘this is going to be great,’ and so far it is! I am very impressed!”
– Ken (Son) – Chatham, MA
“Before Susan, [caregiver] my Dad [client] ate frozen food. Now Susan cooks for him and he eats it all up! She gets along good with my Dad!”
– Susan W. (Daughter) – Milford, MA
“My mom is happy and when my Mom is happy we are all happy. Emmanuela [caregiver] is good for my Mom. She cooks, cleans and makes sure she is hydrated. I have no complaints whatsoever! FCP Live-In’s services are great!”
– John M. (Son) – Bennington, VT
“Tameka [caregiver] is excellent and knows her stuff about COPD. She is good and helpful. I am happy with Tameka.”
– Betty Ann M. (Client) – West Hartford, CT
“Lucinda [caregiver] is by far the best and a great fit for my mom, Francis [client] and very patient. I don’t know how Lucinda does it! We are lucky to have Lucinda. They get along so great. FCP Live-In’s services are great!”
– Andrea P. (Daughter) – Nantucket, MA

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