Gino Daigneault chose live-in home care for his Mother based on 3 reasons; 1-on-1, 24-hour care, a caregiver that quickly bonded with his mother, and FCP Live-In’s affordable cost factor.

Live-In Home Care For Client’s Mother Based On 3 Reasons!

Gino Daigneault Chose Live-In Home Care For His Mother Based On 3 Reasons; 1-On-1, 24-Hour Care, A Caregiver That Quickly Bonded With His Mother, And FCP Live-In’s Affordable Cost Factor.

By Caleb Kimpel, for FCP Live-In Home Care | Published 6:01 a.m. ET Apr. 1, 2021 |

When it comes to feelings of security and comfort, few places can offer the reassurance and familiarity of home.

Of course, as seniors age and the challenges of living alone begin to mount, there are few options, including finding a new home where care can always be close, but live-in home care provides a way to “age in place.”

FCP Live-In provides qualified live-in home care providers for clients across New England and prides itself on helping clients safely stay in the comfort of home.

“FCP Live-In makes ‘Aging in Place’ possible for many,” said David Anthony, FCP Live-In founder and CEO. “I founded this company because the options are limited when it comes to caring for a loved one. With more and more seniors now wanting to ‘age in place,’ the options are even less.”

Best of both worlds

Of course, there are some benefits to facilities that offer around-the clock care, and a few benefits to individualized part-time care too.

“But what if you take the best of both?” said Anthony, “An insured and bonded live-in caregiver that provides one-on-one care, stays in the person’s home – that’s where FCP Live-In comes in and makes ‘Aging In Place’ possible.”

For families that struggle to balance the growing needs of an aging family member with their desire to stay where they already have lived for some time, the choice of live-in care feels right at home.

“Our decision to choose FCP Live-In was easy to make!” ––Gino Daigneault

“Our decision to choose FCP Live-In was easy to make,” said FCP Live-In client Gino Daigneault.

“First, it was the one-on-one, twenty-four-hour care. Second, was finding that my mother quickly bonded with her caregiver, who knew her wants and needs. Third, it was the cost factor; we found FCP Live-In very affordable!”

Routine care, exceptional caregivers

Aging in place offers an opportunity for people to maintain their valuable routines even when those routines require some assistance.

A helping hand can make a world of difference for simple tasks like walking to the bathroom, taking medication or cooking a meal, but in the event of an emergency or a subtle decline in health, one-on-one support can be a lifeline to the care an aging person needs.

Live-in care also acts as a bridge between more intensive treatment in a facility and a longer stay back home. Recovery carries its share of challenges, but FCP Live-In helps remind clients why there is truly no place like home.

“FCP Live-In has helped seniors who have received rehabilitation services at Pleasant Bay Nursing & Rehabilitation Center to successfully live at home with some assistance and support,” said Michelle Callahan of Pleasant Bay Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Brewster, Massachusetts. “The pandemic’s social distancing protocols and enhanced infection control measures mean we have to be more resourceful, including helping those families who will be caring for a discharged patient at home.”

Live-in care surrounds clients in the comforts of the home they have come to love while still providing the one-on-one attention their needs may demand. FCP Live-In prides itself on helping clients ‘age in place.’ For that, they’ve earned a place in the hearts — and homes — of clients across New England.

FCP Live-In provides the ultimate solution for assisted live-in home care since 1997. As a live-in home care agency committed to providing a unique and customized in-home caregiver approach to senior care, FCP Live-in provides clients with safety and independence and families with peace of mind. FCP Live-In specializes in meeting elderly care needs within the home with live-in caregiver staff providing safe and supportive care, along with a 24/7 professional support system.

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