Caregiver Appreciation Award

Our Caregiver Appreciation Awards for our wonderful caregivers!

Many Say They Are Angels And Should Have Halos

All of our caregivers do a fantastic job of caring for our clients every day. In recognition of their outstanding work, we’ve created our very own Caregiver Appreciation Award!

KerryAnn M.

KerryAnn M. has been a caregiver with FCP Live-In since June 2021. When KerryAnn is not working, she loves spending time with her family and donating clothes to a charity in Jamaica. KerryAnn is a kind, bubbly, and attentive person. She is not only very skilled as a caregiver, but also goes to great lengths to be a companion to her clients. She loves to laugh and joke around with her clients and she takes the time to get to know them. Her current client has said “she is a true gem!” Thank you, KerryAnn, for being a member of the FCP Live-In Team!

Awa K.

Awa K. has been with FCP since August 2021. She has been with one client during that time and has become part of the family! Awa is a great team player, she has adjusted very well to her client’s changing needs, and she has a great work ethic. When Awa is not working, she has been busy planning a wedding and loves to spend time with her family. Her current client has said she is very grateful for Awa’s care and compassion and she has been doing a fantastic job. Thank you, Awa, for being a member of the FCP Live-In Team!

Catherine M.

Catherine M. has been a caregiver with FCP since July 2020. Catherine puts her whole heart into her work with her clients. Catherine is so passionate about assisting her clients with their goals, making sure their dignity remains intact, and helping them remain as independent as possible while also prioritizing their safety. Catherine is extremely kind and has become a part of the family with the clients she has worked with. Thank you, Catherine, for being a member of the FCP Live-In Team!

Belinda K.

Belinda has been a caregiver with FCP Live-In since August 2021. Although she has only been with us a short time, she has shown incredible skill working with individuals with dementia. Belinda is calm, patient, and understands how to handle difficult situations that can occur with sundowning. She truly cares for her clients and goes above and beyond to make sure they are happy, safe, and comfortable. Thank you, Belinda!

Anitra V.

Anitra has worked for FCP since February and has been an asset to our company ever since. She puts her client first on a daily basis and continues to go above and beyond her job description. Anitra is a pleasure to work with and I’m proud to have her on our team. Thank you, Anitra!

Tonie P.

Tonie has been with FCP Live-In since January of 2021 and has been a caregiver for over 20 years. Tonie goes above and beyond for her clients and builds very strong relationships with them and their families. Tonie has a great sense of humor and is extremely kind and considerate. Tonie also has a great understanding of dementia and is a fantastic cook! Tonie’s experience and personality make her an amazing caregiver and she helps improve the lives of her clients each day she is with them. Thank you, Tonie!

JudyAnn F.
JudyAnn has been a caregiver with FCP Live-In since February of 2021. She has been with one client since starting with FCP and has been doing a fantastic job! JudyAnn is very skilled with advanced Dementia care. She came into a challenging case and took it on with ease and is always willing to listen to constructive feedback and be a strong communicator. JudyAnn is patient, flexible and creative. Thank you, JudyAnn!!
Kania G.
Kania “Kiki” has been with FCP for 3 months. Along with her bright and bubbly personality, Kiki has shown outstanding caregiving skills. She not only helps clients heal by assisting with exercises and safe transfers, but with the healing power of laughter as well. Thank you, Kiki!

Roxann B.
Roxann has been with FCP Live-In for 6 months and has spent a majority of that time working with one client. Roxann is very skilled with transfers, helping with therapy exercises, and motivating and encouraging her client to maintain healthy habits. Thank you, Roxann!

Tayron C.
Tayron presents himself with patience and professionalism when difficult situations  are presented in the client’s home.  He exhibits great compassion and understanding during this time and is always part of the solution.  We commend him for his fortitude. Thank you, Tayron!
Emma T.
Emma is a wonderful, compassionate and intuitive caregiver. Her clients family feels very blessed to have her. The quality to her clients lives is immeasurable to which one clients said, she was an angel in disguise. Thank you, Emma!

William H.
William is excellent at identifying our clients needs in the home and not bashful about letting our office or the family know.  He is diligent at working with clients to ensure their potential is met, most recent case –  working with his client who was originally a hoyer and now after many weeks and hard work, the client only  needs William  there for support.  We value his commitment and service to both FCP and the clients he serves. Thank you, William!

Roxanna C.
Roxanna has been a caregiver with FCP Live-In for just over a year. She has done a mix of short-term and long-term cases. Roxanna has shown nothing but professionalism and dedication to her clients and work ethic. Roxanna’s greatest attributes are her patience, ability to build strong relationships, and her warm personality. Roxanna is also very skilled with Dementia care and knows how to find the balance between safety and helping clients maintain as much independence as they can. Thank you, Roxanna!
Kathy G.
Kathy has been caring for her current client Doris for six years. Kathy is caring, attentive and continues to put Doris’ needs first each and everyday. With Doris’ condition worsening, Kathy’s care has never wavered. Kathy is passionate about caregiving and has proven her dedication to her work over the years. In Kathy’s downtime, she likes to travel, listen to music, shop and spend time with her family.  Thank you, Kathy!

Ernie T.
Ernie has been with FCP Live-In for almost 2 years. Ernie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her position as a caregiver. She always provides prompt updates about her clients, works very closely with the client’s family and makes all of her clients feel at ease and comforted. Ernie is professional, compassionate and attentive. Ernie loves to cook and spend time with her children and grandchildren in her free time. Thank you, Ernie!

Nancy M.
Nancy is one of our newer caregivers at FCP live-in, and in a short time, she has shown her passion and dedication to her work. On her most recent assignment, Nancy has proven to be patient, hard-working, selfless, and caring. She has gone above and beyond on a daily basis to keep her client home and out of the hospital. Nancy was an effortless choice for an appreciation award. When Nancy is not caring for clients, she enjoys reading and traveling, and spending time with her husband and 13-year-old son. Thank you, Nancy!
Sammy B.
Sammy is one true professional who deserves this award. Above and beyond his duties every day!! Thank you, Sammy!

Shirley W.
Shirley has been a top notch care provider with FCP for 19 years. She puts her heart and soul into the care of her client every day and it shows! Shirley has the patience it takes to work with dementia and make the home a safe environment every day! Thank you, Shirley!

Ann B.
Ann has been a caregiver for over 35 years and has worked  for FCP live in for 6 years. Ann is full of laughter and loves to make her clients smile. Ann is professional and chooses compassion no matter what situations should arise. Ann truly has a gift for caregiving and we are lucky to have her as a part of our team. When Ann is not working with a client, she loves to read and spend time with her two children. Thank you, Ann!

Yvonne N.
Yvonne has been a caregiver with FCP Live-In since February of 2020. Yvonne always comes on to new cases with a warm smile, and excitement to cook for her client, and a commitment to help them with any rehabilitation goals they may have. If a client is receiving home PT and OT services, Yvonne is right there during the sessions, helping and learning the exercises the client needs to continue. She is terrific at assisting her clients with everyday tasks and going above and beyond to help them recover and get stronger. Yvonne helps families feel so supported and cared for! Thank you, Yvonne!

Carolyn B.
Carolyn has worked with FCP live in for over twelve years and has been with her current client for four years. Carolyn is the definition of caring, compassionate and kind. She puts her whole heart into her work. Carolyn has two children, three grandchildren and one great grandchild. She loves to cook, care for others and spend time with her family. Thank you, Carolyn!

Victoria B.
Victoria has been with FCP Live-In caregiver since May of 2018. Victoria loves taking long walks and watching movies. Victoria describes herself as a homebody who likes spending time at home with her husband. Victoria is a compassionate caregiver who is currently caring for two clients whom she takes great care of, paying attention to the small details. Victoria moved things around in the house to make it more accessible for the clients as they age in place. Victoria has been with this couple for 575 days and has been a true gem. Thank you, Victoria!

Emmanuela (“Emma”) T.
Emma has been a caregiver with FCP Live-In for just over 5 years. In that time, she has shown great flexibility and skill-level by working with many clients with a wide variety of care needs. Emma has shown her immense capacity for patience, understanding, and, above all, caring for others. Emma’s professionalism, hard work, and commitment to her clients have made her an exceptional caregiver. Thank you, Emma!

Evelina A.Evelina has been a caregiver with FCP Live-In since 2008. Evelina has been a caring dedicated caregiver giving compassionate world class care to every client that she has come in contact with. Evelina has been on very long term cases where she has become a fixture in the home. Evelina’s last assignment she cared for a client that would have otherwise gone to a nursing home had it not been for her tireless efforts, and compassionate care. Evelina cared for this client for over 852 days taking very few days off. Evelina will always be a part of the FCP family and will be truly missed. Thank you, Evelina!

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