Care Coordinator Kevin Williams finds his calling when helping with end-of-life-care for a client

Clients trust FCP Live-In care for comfort and assistance in the home

FCP Live-In makes individualized care easy and affordable, and as special as each client.

By Caleb Kimpel, for FCP Live-In Home Care | Published 5:01 a.m. ET Mar. 10, 2021 |

FCP Live-In specializes in meeting elderly care needs within the home with live-in caregiver staff providing safe and supportive care, along with a 24/7 professional support system.

It can be a challenge to find the right kind of caregiver help for a person who needs it. Families can only go so far to meet the needs of a loved one. Independence, safety and everyday care are things that shouldn’t be just out of reach.

There are facilities to provide needed services and providers who can visit and assist for a few hours at a time. Still, around-the-clock, one-on-one live-in care keeps the focal point where it should remain — on the person who needs help. And it keeps the person who needs help right where they feel their best — at home.

FCP Live-In is about caring for people,” said FCP Live-In CEO David Anthony. “I founded this company because the options are limited when it comes to caring for a loved one. Right now, you either have a home health aide who comes to the home for a few hours, or a loved one needs to go into an assisted living facility.

“But what if you take the best of both?” he asked. “An insured and bonded live-in caregiver that provides one-on-one care, stays in the home and is there 24/7. That’s where FCP Live-In comes in.”

Home is where the heart is

After time in rehabilitation, in the face of moving to an assisted living facility or in the wake of a long time away, it’s easy to understand the powerful comfort of being home. For a person who needs help, an at-home care provider offers independence where it’s most valuable, and a live-in provider is always there for support.

FCP Live-In Care Coordinator Kevin Williams has firsthand experience with the value of at-home care. “I went in and introduced myself,” he said, “and [the client] shook my hand and responded with her name, followed by ‘I’m gonna be dead in a week.’”

End-of-life care can challenge any family, but having help in the familiarity of home brings family together, and for this client, it promised to be a part of making the most of her precious final days.

“It broke my heart and also warmed it,” Williams said, “because it was Friday afternoon when I finished the paperwork. I got on the ferry, and by Monday I was at her house with a caregiver, waiting for her to come back … she shook my hand and thanked me, and it was that moment right there that I know I did the right thing to join FCP Live-In.”

Individualized response

Being home is a great first step, but the right kind of care from the right caregiver is what makes live-in home care special.

“There is a pretty unique in-home approach that we do that individualizes senior care options,” said Lorraine Hansen, FCP Live-In care coordinator, describing the assessment each client completes. This assessment is paired with details that prospective caregivers provide in terms of experience and personality to help ensure a match.

“I think we’ve got some legacy and history behind us that really supports a top-quality caregiver,” said Hansen, noting FCP Live-In has been in business for 24 years. “All of our caregivers have to be certified home health aides or certified nursing assistants.” Some are personal care assistants too, but every caregiver from FCP Live-In has at least two years of similar experience.

Trust to count on

Opening one’s home to someone requires trust, especially a stranger expected to provide close, round-the-clock caregiving assistance. When the person who needs help is especially vulnerable, the need for trust is even greater.

“We have a very stringent process as far as vetting,” said Williams. Each caregiver must pass a skill assessment. FCP Live-In completes a full background check and verifies employment eligibility before matching a provider with a client.

Regular check-ins between care providers and field supervisors and a constant line of communication with medical professionals continue to keep the health and safety of clients center stage.

“Many times the families I work with are consumed with what they cannot control,” Hansen said. “I try to shift their energy to what FCP Live-In can create: a safe and secure live-in situation where their loved one’s needs are taken care of.”

Care during COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 has presented some challenges to facilities and families as they strive to meet loved ones’ needs, but live-in home care limits exposure risk while providing independence. “We had to change our COVID policy every time something else new came up,” Williams said. “Now all of our caregivers are tested prior to going into the home. We’re also requiring that our clients be tested, and that’s been keeping everybody safe.”

Hansen has noticed cases this year that have required more clinical attention, as more clients look to stay home. “Families want to take their loved ones home in a safe environment, with someone who’s one-on-one with them.”

Live-In home care from FCP Live-In makes that possible.

FCP Live-In provides the ultimate solution for assisted live-in home care and has been doing so since 1997. As a live-in home care agency committed to providing a unique and customized in-home caregiver approach to senior care, FCP Live-In provides clients with safety and independence and families with peace of mind. FCP Live-In specializes in meeting elderly care needs within the home with live-in caregiver staff providing safe and supportive care, along with a 24/7 professional support system.

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