FCP Live-In Caregivers Care Hand-In-Hand With Family Members So Loved Ones Have A Rewarding In-Home Care Relationship

FCP Live-In Caregivers Care Hand-In-Hand With Family Members So Loved Ones Have A Rewarding In-Home Care Relationship

Arthur Barnes likes to spend his summers in Boothbay Harbor, ME, but at 92 years old, he needs assistance with daily living activities. Arthur’s daughter, Holly Barnes, was talking to a friend at work about the situation. Holly’s friend told her that her mother also needs assistance, and she uses FCP Live-In, a company that provides a live-in caregiver for her mother.

Holly had not heard of FCP Live-In before. So, she contacted FCP Live-In and spoke with Care Coordinator Constance McFarland. Holly explained the situation to McFarland and wanted to ensure the company would provide another live-in caregiver if the first caregiver weren’t a good match.

McFarland assured Holly that FCP Live-In is flexible and dedicated to meeting the unique needs of its clients. Moreover, the company finds a good match between live-in caregivers and clients.

“Once we had a few conversations about how it would all work and the price point, I figured I would try it,” Holly recalled.

Compatibility between FCP Live-in caregivers and clients does not happen by accident. The company has developed an extensive process to ensure that caregivers have the necessary skills to provide quality care. All FCP Live-In caregivers are either Certified Nursing Assistants, Home Health Aides, or Personal Care Assistants with two or more years of experience. But, caregiver applicants are not hired immediately.

Applicants must undergo an extensive state and national background check and are evaluated through a round of in-depth interviews. Applicants who are invited to return for third-stage interviews must undergo and pass skills assessments and attend a 2-day orientation designed to further evaluate their capabilities and attitudes.

“This process is important to ensure that FCP Live-In provides quality care to its clients,” McFarland said. “It also contributes to establishing a trusting relationship between our live-in caregivers and clients. Live-in caregivers work in a wide range of care situations, yet they can handle individualized care plans. In this way, our clients receive the best care possible.”

In instances where caregivers and clients are not compatible, FCP Live-In will continue to find the best client-caregiver match, which clients and their families appreciate.

FCP Live-In also adapts to changing circumstances not only of its clients but of caregivers. For example, Arthur’s first caregiver wanted to visit her family in Europe because she had not seen them in two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the caregiver planned to be off for an extended period of time, FCP Live-In provided another live-in caregiver. Both live-in caregivers, Holly said, “have been really great, very helpful.”

Not surprisingly, family members also support caregivers caring for their loved ones. For instance, Holly said her father was frequently up at night, so she hired an hourly worker to come in during the day. In this way, the FCP Live-In caregiver could take some time off so she would not become exhausted. What’s more, Holly was there to help out, too.

“I think we worked well together as a team,” Holly said.

FCP Live-In: An Option to Long-Term Care Facilities

Since 1997, FCP Live-In has been providing affordable live-in caregiving services for older adults and their families throughout New England. FCP Live-In, a leader in the in-home care industry, has expanded into Florida.

“FCP Live-In is about caring for people,” said David Anthony, FCP Live-In’s founder, and CEO. “Right now, you either have a home health aide who comes to the home for a few hours, or a loved one needs to go into an assisted living facility. But what if you take the best of both? An insured and bonded live-in caregiver that provides one-on-one care stays in the home and is there 24/7. That’s where FCP Live-In comes in.”

The options are limited for older adults who want to live independently but need support to stay in a secure and familiar environment. Because of this, some older adults move into an assisted living facility or a nursing home to get the help they need. But, staff at these facilities are assigned to multiple residents who must wait their turn to get assistance. Residents must also adhere to the schedules of the facilities.

Because of this dilemma, families consistently ask FCP Live-In Regional Sales Manager Andrea Maroto: “How do I keep my loved ones at home when they cannot care for themselves?” Maroto answers by telling them about the advantages of affordable, live-in care provided by FCP Live-In.

“I am excited to be a part of such a wonderful and needed service to help our seniors maintain their independence in the comfort of their own home,” Maroto said. “Now more than any other time in history, I feel every day, every moment is a blessing and that our seniors deserve the opportunity to stay comfortable, cared for, and supported where they feel their best: In their own home.“

To help support the independence of older adults who want to age in place, FCP Live-In’s caregivers provide personal care that includes bathing, dressing, grooming, and bathroom assistance. Caregivers also perform light housekeeping chores, such as vacuuming, sweeping, making beds, cooking nutritious meals and special diets, shopping for groceries, running errands, and taking clients to their doctor appointments. Most of all, live-in caregivers keep their clients engaged in their community and provide companionship that many seniors long for, particularly those who do not have family members nearby.

“Generally, I would say the caregivers were invested in my dad,” Holly said. “He is not difficult to take care of. I feel like there was a general warmth toward him.” Holly noted that Sylvia, the current live-in caregiver, is from Ghana and sometimes cooked ethnic meals. “She took the effort to cook some traditional meals for us, which I really appreciated.”

Live-in caregivers and their clients are not left alone to fend for themselves. FCP Live-In has a 24/7 professional support system, which begins with live-in caregivers and expands to a multi-faceted corporate structure.

Holly said her father Arthur, appreciated the care he received from FCP Live-In.

“I am hoping that we can do something similar next summer,” Holly said. “It is hard to know. My dad is 92. Who knows what next summer will bring? But we will consider using FCP Live-In again. It has been great for us.”

For more information about FCP Live-In’s affordable live-in care solution, call 866-559-9492 or visit LiveInHomeCare.com, and find them on FacebookTwitterLinkedInYouTube, and Pinterest.

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