When June Burbank wanted to come home after a stay at a rehabilitation hospital, her out of town children had problems accommodating her, so they turned to FCP Live-In

FCP Live-In Home Care Is Affordable Live-In Home Care That Helps Maine’s Seniors Stay In Their Own Homes

Like many seniors, June Burbank has adult children who live out of town and raising families of their own. And, like many adult children, June’s children are concerned for their mother, who lives alone in her home in Maine.

June’s family reached a crisis point when she went into the New England Rehabilitation Hospital in Portland, Maine. June wanted to go back home but could not take care of herself. However, with businesses to run and their own families to take care of, June’s children could not care for their mother. So, if they could not care for her, who could?

Someone at the rehab facility referred June’s daughter, Lori Darnell, to FCP Live-In, a New England-based in-home caregiver provider. Lori contacted FCP Live-In and spoke with Care Coordinator Constance McFarland, who explained the company’s type of caregiving services.

“Lori was excited to learn about our services,” Constance recalled. “We were able to do an intake over the phone and provide a great caregiver for June.”

When hiring caregivers, how will families know—particularly those who live out of town—that their loved one will get along with the caregiver? FCP Live-In takes the guesswork out of it. The company matches clients to caregivers to ensure that a live-in caregiver is an appropriate match for a client. 

Through its matching process, FCP Live-In matched June with Micheline, an FCP live-in caregiver. Lori and her siblings could not be happier with the way things worked out.

“I can’t express how wonderful FCP Live-In has been!” ––Lori Darnell

“I can’t express how wonderful FCP Live-In has been!” Lori said. “Coming from a medical background, you hope to find the best care for your loved ones. FCP Live-In has been excellent by being very mindful and meticulous in ensuring that the caregiver provided is a match for your loved one! ”

This is what FCP Live-In strives for: To help seniors stay in their homes and live life on their own terms.

“I get great satisfaction from helping our clients remain in their own home,” Constance said. “It is also rewarding to provide peace of mind for the adult children of our clients. They know mom and dad are safe and secure at home and receiving the care they need.” 

FCP Live-In Helps Seniors Meet Care Challenges

For the past 24 years, FCP Live-In has provided affordable live-in home care services for seniors and their families in New England. With an FCP Live-In caregiver, seniors can avoid moving from their familiar surroundings to live with strangers in a senior facility. 

“The one challenge that families and their loved ones always mention is that they didn’t want to leave their home, their spouse, their memories,” said FCP Live-In Regional Sales Manager Andrea Maroto, “I often thought about how wonderful it would be for seniors to stay home and get the care they deserve and need while not losing what is most important to them; their family, friends, and the special place they call home.”

So that seniors can stay in their home, FCP Live-In caregivers help them with daily living activities, such as bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, and mobility, including transferring from a bed to a wheelchair or to the bathroom. 

Live-in caregivers do light housekeeping, from laundry, cooking, and preparing nutritious meals to shopping for groceries, dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning kitchens, common areas, and bathrooms. 

For health and safety reasons, FCP Live-In caregivers also provide medication reminders, take care of their clients’ nutritional and hydration needs, and constantly assess safety hazards n the home. 

“FCP Live-In recognizes the importance of having a safe environment for both the client and caregiver to help the client retain as much independence as possible,” said FCP Live-In Field Supervisor Sarah Levesque, who conducts home and virtual visits and ensures care plan compliance. “FCP Live-In provides such a unique service that allows our clients to preserve dignity in their beloved homes while receiving care that can help enhance their wellbeing.”

What is also important is the companionship that FCP Live-In caregivers provide, whether it’s engaging their clients in conversation, transporting them to medical appointments, playing games, or listening to their favorite music.

FCP Live-In’s services to seniors also provide comfort to their family members. Lori, for instance, credits FCP Live-In and Micheline for fulfilling her mother’s wishes of living in her home. 

“Micheline has been an answer to a prayer for my mom who requires round-the-clock care,” Lori said. “Micheline is very talented, caring, loving, and hard-working to ensure my mom has all of her needs met. None of my mom’s children live in the same town so having Micheline there and knowing the relationship between her and my mom is excellent gives all of us a sense of relief mom is being cared for.” 

Caring for Clients Is A Team Effort 

FCP Live-In caregivers are not left on their own. All staff works together to form a 24/7 professional support system for clients, their families, and caregivers.

The company’s staff maintains frequent communication with clients and their families, which Lori appreciates, particularly since she lives out of town. It’s not just one person, Lori said, it’s the entire staff— from Constance who in the beginning explains the company and services and answers all of your questions to Sarah, who helps by coordinating home visits with the caregiver and does a safety inspection, to Micheline, the caregiver. 

“All —including the billing staff—have been ongoing to be helpful and provide whatever you are asking help for,” Lori said.

All that FCP Live-In does is designed to keep seniors secure and cared for while maintaining their independence. This is what David Anthony envisioned when he founded FCP Live-In in 1997. 

Anthony said he was inspired to start the company because seniors had limited options: They either have a home health aide who comes to a home for a few hours, or seniors go to an assisted living facility.

“But what if you take the best of both?” Anthony asked, “An insured and bonded live-in caregiver that provides 1-on-1 care, stays in the home, and is there 24/7. That’s where FCP Live-In comes in.”

June, Lori, and her siblings are currently enjoying the best of both worlds, thanks to FCP Live-In. 

“If you are looking for someone to take care of your loved one at home, I highly recommend FCP! They truly care about your loved one and you!”

FCP Live-In provides the perfect, affordable solution for live-in home care services for over two decades. Our live-in caregiver agency is committed to providing a unique and customized in-home care assistance approach to senior care, with a lifestyle that offers enjoyment to the ones in our care and families with peace of mind. Your loved one remains at home in the safety and comfort of familiar surroundings with all the treasures they hold near and dear to their hearts. While FCP live-in preserves their independence, reduces the risk for injury, and maintains your loved one’s need for privacy and dignity. For more information about our affordable live-in care solution, contact us at 866-559-9492, or visit our www.liveinhomecare.com!

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