Why Does Time Move Faster As We Get Older?

Why Does Time Move Faster As We Get Older? For many older adults, it seems as if time appears to be going by faster each year. As soon as they say, “Happy New Year,” a short time later, they say, “Happy Holidays.” But it’s just the opposite with young children who wonder why it takes … Continue reading “Why Does Time Move Faster As We Get Older?”

Aging In Place Information

Aging In Place Information Older adults across the country say they want to age in place, and local communities are making efforts to help them achieve their goals. Towns and cities are improving their “livability scores” to make it safer for older adults to remain in their homes. For example, leaders in local New Hampshire … Continue reading “Aging In Place Information”

Aging in Place Update

Aging in Place Update When older adults say they want to age in place, chances are they will need to remodel their homes to do so. The renovation, for instance, may call for installing grab bars in the shower, widening doorways and hallways to accommodate wheelchairs, and replacing knobs for handles. So, older adults may … Continue reading “Aging in Place Update”

How To ‘Age In Place’

How To ‘Age In Place’ When Karen Hauck advises seniors on how to age in place safely or consults with those who want to construct a new “forever home,” she is speaking from first-hand experience. Before becoming a Certified Aging in Place Specialist, Hauck and her husband, James, were caregivers for her parents and relatives—all … Continue reading “How To ‘Age In Place’”

Aging In Place: Plan for it!

Aging In Place: Plan for it Deborah Glover was struggling to stay in the Washington Park home in Atlanta that her family had owned since the 1930s. Glover’s husband had died, and a few years later, Glover’s daughter died, leaving Glover all alone. Glover’s health began to decline, and her house fell into disrepair. She … Continue reading “Aging In Place: Plan for it!”

Aging In Place: Healthier Life; Latest Trend

Aging In Place: Healthier Life; Latest Trend The Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, which keeps track of the housing trends in the country, has set its sights on the older adult population. The federally backed home mortgage company, better known as Freddie Mac, conducted two surveys within five years to determine the attitudes and perceptions … Continue reading “Aging In Place: Healthier Life; Latest Trend”

Senior Tech For Aging In Place

Senior Tech For Aging In Place Living independently is getting increasingly easier—and safer—for older adults thanks to the growing number of smart-home devices. As long as there is Wi-Fi and Internet in the home, seniors can use a smartphone app, a laptop, or a smart-home hub to control the temperature on a thermostat, respond to … Continue reading “Senior Tech For Aging In Place”