Senior Tech Can Be Beneficial For Health Reasons

Senior Tech Can Be Beneficial For Health Reasons If there was one aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic that worked in favor of older adults, it was using telehealth to help seniors stay in contact with their healthcare providers. Telehealth, also called telemedicine, saw rapid growth during the pandemic, and there are no plans to slow … Continue reading “Senior Tech Can Be Beneficial For Health Reasons”

Senior Tech

Senior Tech With more people ages 50 and over wanting to stay active longer and live independently as long as possible, new technologies are being developed to help them achieve their goals. Some smart devices are already operating in homes while new technologies are being tested in certain senior living communities. Many more are in … Continue reading “Senior Tech”

Senior Tech

Senior Tech Lisa Cini has been designing senior living facilities for over 25 years. So, it wasn’t difficult for her to remodel her Columbus, Ohio, home so that she and her husband, her two teenagers, her 70-something-year-old parents, and her 92-year-old grandmother who had dementia, could all live under one roof. After her grandmother died … Continue reading “Senior Tech”

Senior Tech For Aging In Place

Senior Tech For Aging In Place Living independently is getting increasingly easier—and safer—for older adults thanks to the growing number of smart-home devices. As long as there is Wi-Fi and Internet in the home, seniors can use a smartphone app, a laptop, or a smart-home hub to control the temperature on a thermostat, respond to … Continue reading “Senior Tech For Aging In Place”

Senior Age Tech

Senior Age Tech There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic changed life as we know it, and among those changes were older adults discovering that technology could move them into a new form of living. What’s been dubbed as “virtual assisted living” came about when smart devices were used during the pandemic to help older … Continue reading “Senior Age Tech”

Senior Age Tech

Senior Age Tech The number of tech companies developing devices that help older adults live independently in their own homes has increased over the years. But the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the creation of age tech startups, technology development for seniors, and the use of existing technology into overdrive. Telehealth conferences and video chats via smartphones, … Continue reading “Senior Age Tech”

Connecting the human brain to do things wirelessly

Connecting the human brain to do things wirelessly Establishing a wireless connection between a human brain and a computer sounds like the plot of a science fiction story. But this was actually done by a research team from the BrainGate consortium, a U.S.-based organization that develops and tests medical devices for people with neurological disease, … Continue reading “Connecting the human brain to do things wirelessly”

Senior Age Tech APR

Senior Age Tech It’s sometimes difficult for adult children to talk with their parents who want to live independently but need someone—or something—to monitor them in their homes. Susan Morrell, 50, said she and her siblings had to have “the talk” with their 75-year-old father, Larry, and 76-year-old mother, Carole, who uses a walker and … Continue reading “Senior Age Tech APR”