Caregiving Under Stress

Caregiving Under Stress There is a group of health care workers that are not visible as the doctors, nurses, lab technicians, and other medical staff was commonly seen by patients. The vast majority of people in this unseen worker group do not have medical degrees or certificates but manage infusion pumps, operate feeding tubes, dress … Continue reading “Caregiving Under Stress”

Is Live-In Care Right For You?

Is Live-In Care Right For You? It’s a fact that older adults want to age in place in their own homes. Unfortunately, the independence of some seniors is threatened unless someone helps them with their day-to-day living activities. Many older adults, however, are finding a solution to this problem by hiring a trained and experienced … Continue reading “Is Live-In Care Right For You?”

Hospice Care and End of Life at Home

Hospice Care and End of Life at Home Coneigh Sea cared for her husband while he was a hospice patient in their Murfreesboro, Tennessee home. Sea managed all of his medications and his bodily fluids, mostly by herself. Although her husband died in 1993, Sea still remembers the burden that is placed on her. It’s … Continue reading “Hospice Care and End of Life at Home”

The Cost of Caregiving

The Cost of Caregiving Amy Goyer was working full-time in Virginia when the health of her aging parents started to take a downward turn. Goyer eventually quit her job and moved to Arizona to care for her parents. Her mother had a stroke, and her father would later develop Alzheimer’s disease. Goyer worked as a … Continue reading “The Cost of Caregiving”