Is Live-In Care Right For You?

Is Live-In Care Right For You?

It’s a fact that older adults want to age in place in their own homes. Unfortunately, the independence of some seniors is threatened unless someone helps them with their day-to-day living activities.

Many older adults, however, are finding a solution to this problem by hiring a trained and experienced caregiver to live with them. But is this the right option for you?

Before hiring a caregiver, however, the live-in care agency’s care coordinator will meet with you and your family to review your care options. The agency also has a procedure for matching a caregiver to the needs of the client.

Seniors who previously had caregivers at a nursing facility or at home are switching to live-in care to avoid having a revolving door of caregivers marching through their room or home. A live-in caregiver provides continuity so older adults receive care from one person rather than many people.

Why is Continuity of Care Important?

Over time, older adults establish trust in the one person caring for them on a continual basis. Likewise, live-in caregivers become familiar with their clients’ daily rhythm; and, therefore, can provide a consistent routine and identify warning signs, such as changes in behavior, that would otherwise go undetected.

Live-In care is also beneficial for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. According to John Hopkins Medicine, of the 5.2 million people in the United States who have Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia, 70 percent remain at home, an option that’s been shown to keep people healthier and happier and help them to live longer.

What’s more, older adults with chronic health conditions or disabilities can get personal care from someone they trust to bathe, dress, and groom them. Caregivers also help with toileting, preparing meals, light household tasks, among other daily living activities.

Live-In Care Benefits The Entire Family

It’s important to talk with your family before making a decision about live-in care. If there’s one thing about live-in care, family members can visit without restrictions. What’s more, they can return to work, sleep at their own homes, and truly be family members and not their loved one’s full-time caregiver.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, older adults, when medically possible, have always preferred to stay home surrounded by things familiar to them. After all, home is where they raised their family, it’s where their memories are, and it’s where they feel safe and the most comfortable.


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