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Senior In-Home Care Agency In The Northeast Offering Customized Services

Aging is inevitable. The rate at which we age is an individual process. Our loved ones will all age differently. For some, it is a period of newfound independence in the ability to perform the activities given up raising families and pursuing careers. For others, it is enjoying different and changing relationships with their loved ones. In many cases, the time comes when loved ones realize their aging family member can no longer live at home safely due to mental or physical limitations.

How Are We Going to Manage Our Schedules and Care for Our Loved One?

This is a trying time for both the senior and their loved ones. Children or younger family members are faced with difficult decisions at this time. Many are pursuing careers and rearing their own children. Time and scheduling demands create stress for everyone. There are doctor’s visits to tend to, errands and arrangements for care during working hours.

Will I Lose My Independence? Will I Have to Leave My Home?

Aging seniors are also faced with losing their independence and autonomy. In many cases, they are forced to leave their lifetime home with all its sentiments and memories. The dining room, where so many holiday dinners were served and all the stories shared on the front porch swing. Many seniors associate moving to assisted living and skilled nursing facilities with becoming isolated or forgotten by their loved ones.

FCP Live-In Home Care is the Best Solution for Seniors in the New England Area

An FCP Live-In care plan is customized specifically for your loved one’s needs. Plans are flexible and adapted based on both the senior and their family’s changing dynamics. Your loved one remains at home in their familiar surroundings along with all the treasures they hold near and dear to their hearts. Live-in home care preserves independence, reduces the risk for injury and maintains your loved one’s need for privacy and dignity.

Preserving Independence

New England based FCP Live-In home care allows your senior loved one to remain in their family home and in control of their surroundings. Depending on the amount of care needed, your family member is still in charge of their daily physical and social routines. Friends and family can continue to visit as they always have without adhering to the strict schedules and interference presented by assisted living or skilled nursing facilities.

Reducing the Risk for Injury

Staying in familiar surroundings with one-on-one care reduces the risk of injuries from falls and other hazards. Your loved one knows where everything is in their house. The chances of tripping over an unfamiliar piece of furniture or obstacle are less than in unfamiliar environments offered by assisted living facilities and skilled nursing homes. With FCP Live-In home care, your loved one has a caring staff member whose only focus is your family member. Your senior can use the restroom or get a drink without having to wait for assistance. FCP Live-In plans are designed to improve health outcomes for your loved one.

Maintaining Privacy and Dignity

FCP Live-In home care provides your loved one the opportunity to remain in their home. There are no other residents or visitors roaming the hallways looking into their private living space. Accidents and hygiene activities are completed discreetly and privately in the comfort of your loved one’s surroundings without cause for embarrassment. Every family is different, and FCP Live-In offers many different levels of care to suit your family member’s needs, from simple medication reminders to full-service care. For more information, please call 1 (866) 559-9492.

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