How To Give Access To A LinkedIn Account

Add, Edit, or Remove Admins on Your LinkedIn Page

Last updated: 29 days ago

LinkedIn Page super admins can add, edit, or remove Page and paid media admins through the super admin view or an email notification process. The super admin role is automatically assigned to the creator of a Page.

Super admins will receive admin requests through their Activity tab and can view pending requests through their Admin tools.

Here’s a tip



You can only add someone as an admin if they’re a 1st-degree, 2nd-degree, or 3rd-degree connection. 


Add a new admin

Add an admin to your Page by email

Add paid media admin roles to an existing page admin’s permissions

Assign paid media admin roles

Edit an admin’s role

Remove an admin

Important to know



If you’re the only super admin on the Page, you must assign another super admin before removing yourself. 


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