How to Download Videos from an iPhone – from FCP Live-In

“How to Download Videos from an iPhone” from FCP Live-In


Connect your iPhone to a computer, either a laptop or desktop. (You will need a lightning to USB wire connection.)



Unlock your phone if it is locked and sign in.



Start up the application called “Image Capture” on your computer.

To locate “Image Capture”, go to the “Applications” folder within the operating system. Double click on “Image Capture” to start the program.



Within the program on the left hand side, it will say “DEVICES” and if your iphone is connected it should list the name of your iPhone. Select your iPhone.

To the right of your “Image Capture” program are all the images and videos on your iPhone that will be listed. Select the videos you want to download and select the folder you want to download to. If you select “Desktop” it will put the videos on your “Desktop.” Click on “IMPORT” to download the videos.



Place the Videos you downloaded into an email and send them to If the videos are over 50MB send the videos in multiple emails with each email smaller than 50MB.

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