FACEBOOK: Create Ads From Existing Posts in Ads Manager

Create Ads From Existing Posts in Ads Manager

You can use Ads Manager to turn published posts from your business Page into ads.

To turn your Page post into an ad in the creation flow:

  1. Go to Ads Manager.
  2. Select Create.
  3. Create your campaign and ad set.
  4. Name your ad and choose a Page to represent it.
  5. From the Ad Setup dropdown choose Use Existing Post. Click Select Post to open the Select Post window.
  6. Choose a post from the Select Post window.

    If you decide to enter a post ID number, avoid using post IDs you’ve copied from a URL. Instead, find the post you want to advertise in Page Posts and use the post ID that appears in the ID column.

  7. To customize your post for each placement, choose a placement from the Edit Placement dropdown.
  8. Complete your ad and select Publish.

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