Patch – FCP Helps Many With Medical Conditions Stay in Their Homes

FCP Helps Many With Medical Conditions Stay in Their Homes

FCP Live-in’s customized in-home care approach offers client’s a lifestyle of enjoyment with peace of mind to their families.

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FCP Live-In: Live-In Home Care That Helps Many with Medical Conditions Stay in Their Homes with Affordable Live-In Care

FCP Live-In makes live-in home care easy and affordable, and as special as each client.

FCP Live-In provides a unique and customized in-home care assistance approach to senior care, with a lifestyle that offers enjoyment to clients and peace of mind to their families. All caregivers are nurse’s aides, home health aides, and personal aides with at least two years of professional experience; each also undergoes in-depth state and federal background checks and are bonded and insured.

Kevin Williams is a Care Coordinator with FCP Live-In and remembers the poignant moment when the adult child of a client pulled him aside, teary-eyed, to say, “Thank you for allowing me to be her daughter again.” Williams says, “Even when there are multiple family members taking shifts to try to care for their loved one, caregiver burnout rears its ugly head more often than not. Those words let me know-how needed and appreciated FCP Live-In can be to families.”

Alison O’Rourke was caring for her husband, who was in end-stage cancer. So, O’Rourke reached out to FCP Live-In an agency that provides live-in caregiving services. FCP Live-In representative Kevin Williams came to O’Rourke’s home on a holiday weekend. Alison was desperate as a hospital wanted to send her terminally ill husband to a nursing home, but O’Rourke did not want him to be alone and quarantined for two weeks. Yet, she knew that she could not care for him by herself at home. “The hospital wanted to send him to a nursing home where he would have been quarantined for two weeks and would have been all alone. FCP Live-In sent a representative to my home on a holiday weekend, and three days later, we had a CNA. Not only did he help with my husband, but he also cooked, cleaned, and washed dishes,” she says. While O’Rourke’s husband passed away just four days later, she is grateful it wasn’t in the nursing home where he would have been alone. “All he wanted to do was come home, and FCP Live-In made that happen.”

“Simply stated, I would never have been able to bring my husband home from the hospital if it hadn’t been for FCP Live-In,” O’Rourke said.

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