The Review App – Set-up

Download the app to your mobile device or computer!

Use this link “Download App”


Instructions to Download the App

APP link:
Click on the link above to download the App. After it downloads click on the App and when it asks for a “device key”, enter the device key below that has been assigned to, into the app. Thats it set-up is complete.

Device Key:

Assigned To:

Device Type:

f9a87a David Anthony e.g. iPhone
f6bb64 Andrea Maroto e.g. iPhone
e81ae9 Edward Andrews e.g. iPhone
deb80d Garry Beard e.g. iPhone
dcf1c5 Susan Sampson e.g. iPhone
dafbc7 Lorraine Hansen e.g. iPhone
d62cf6 Jane E. Korb e.g. iPhone
d4304f Kellie Krauchick (NU) e.g. iPhone
8df3e3 Sarah Levesque e.g. iPhone
c1708a Constance McFarland e.g. iPhone
b53e93 Eric Rosenberger e.g. iPhone
a04d2b Ashley Ross e.g. iPhone
9ff4fb Kevin M. Williams e.g. iPhone
926772 Richard Williams e.g. iPhone
89cf49 TESTING e.g. iPhone
808646 Jennye Durante e.g. iPhone
7c551f Princess Tompkins e.g. iPhone
7e3edb Jordan Clauson e.g. iPhone
670cc5 Kellie Krauchick (Working) e.g. iPhone
3189a6 Brytny Martinez e.g. iPhone
27ebd3 Kelli Krauchick (NU) e.g. iPhone
1e0097 Emily Shine-Blood e.g. iPhone
17b9c0 Diane Sullivan e.g. iPhone
13e2c0 Cheri Wurth e.g. iPhone
Name e.g. iPhone
Name e.g. iPhone
Name e.g. iPhone
Name e.g. iPhone
Name e.g. iPhone

Instructions for Sending A Review Request

From mobile app
When you open the App, you’ll see the “Text Request” field at the top. Hit the dropdown arrow in that field and it will show “Text Request” or “Email Request” options. Use the “Text Request” if they have a smartphone and “email request” if they don’t. If you are going to use “Text Request”, type in the customer’s name and mobile number and hit send.If you are going to use “Email Request” enter their name and email address, and hit “Send.” Note: you MUST enter the mobile number; cutting and pasting the phone number will not work..

From desktop app
The desktop app interface will closely resemble the mobile app interface. Follow the instructions above to send a review request from your desktop app.

From dashboard
From your dashboard (, choose the “Request a Review” tab (on the far right of your top menu). A popup box will appear. Within the popup, select the tab that says “Text Request” or “Email Request”. From here, you fill in the customer’s name and mobile number or their name and email address, and hit “Send.”

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