Salesforce: Authenticator App set-up

Setting up the salesforce Authenticator App-(Classic version)

Log into your account in Salesforce and proceed with the instructions below.

Click on your name in the upper right.

In the dropdown click on “Setup.”

Click on “My Personal Information”.

In the dropdown click on “Personal Information.”

Go to “App Registration: One Time Password.”

Click on connect.


A pop-up will ask you to verify your identity using your email by sending a verification code to your email address. Follow the instructions within the pop-up and use the code that is in your email and enter it in the field marked “Verification Code.” after you have entered the code click “Verify.”


A new screen will pop-up. Follow the instructions within the pop-up and download the Salesforce Authenticator App onto your mobile phone. Open the app on your phone and continue with the instructions. When you have completed the instructions, click “Connect.”


It will then see a pop-up that will connect with your phone. You must “Approve” the app on your phone to complete your connection to log into Salesforce from now on.


When the connection is correctly activated you will see this screen pop-up.



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