2023 FCP Live-In Holiday Work Incentives

2023 FCP Live-In Holiday Work Incentives

Hello FCP Live-In Employees,

With the holidays quickly approaching, FCP and the Operations Team wanted to let everyone know that we are offering incentives for anyone who can work through the holiday season. If you are able to work the following schedule of holidays (Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day), you will qualify to receive the following paid vacation days, in addition to 1.5 times holiday pay, effective February 1, 2024:

  • One holiday worked = 1 PTO day (8 hours)
  • Two holidays worked = 3 PTO days (24 hours)
  • Three holidays worked = 5 PTO days (40 hours)

These PTO days can be used after 2/1/24, only while you are actively employed with FCP.

Please call into the office if you have any questions 877-887-2273.

For all who need holiday time off please have your vacation time in by 10/20. This will give us time to review and process your request. As always time off is on a first come first served basis. Also if you plan on taking time off during the holiday season, remember that you will be granted only one major holiday. This helps make sure everyone has relief coverage. Thank you all for your hard work, we appreciate it very much.


FCP Live-In

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