Osteoarthritis Care

Osteoarthritis In-Home Care With Safety And Security

FCP Live-In provides Osteoarthritis Care services for older adults who have difficulties functioning each day because of the degenerative condition. Osteoarthritis can damage joints in the body so much so that pain and limited mobility become a part of everyday life.

We are a leading in-home service provider. Our dedicated team of skilled caregivers assist seniors who want to live independently in the comfort of their homes. We offer a variety of in-home services that include:

Personal Care Services

  • Help with bathing, showering, grooming, dressing, eating
  • Help with toileting, incontinence care
  • Help with mobility
  • Medication reminders

Light Housekeeping Services

  • Light dusting, sweeping, vacuuming
  • Cleaning kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms
  • Changing and making beds
  • Laundry
  • Meal preparation
  • Grocery shopping
  • Running Errands
  • Provide transportation

Companion Services

  • Accompany client to medical appointments
  • Accompany client to social visits and recreational activities
  • Engage client in meaningful conversation
  • Encourage exercise as recommended by a health care provider

At FCP Live-In, we customize our Osteoarthritis Care services to meet the specific needs of our clients. If your loved one needs in-home care while managing osteoarthritis, contact FCP Live-In.

Our affordable, in-home caregiving services will give your loved one a sense of security and your family members peace of mind.

To learn more about our Osteoarthritis Care services, call us today at 1 (866) 559-9492.

Osteoarthritis Symptoms and Causes

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common types of arthritis, a chronic condition that causes joint inflammation. Osteoarthritis causes the cushion between the bones, called “cartilage,” to break down over time. As a result of the breakdown, the bones rub together and cause pain and inflammation of the joints.

The degenerative condition can also occur in the fingers, wrists, spine, lower back, ankles and legs. Pain, aching and swelling are the most common symptoms of osteoarthritis. According to the Mayo Clinic, other signs and symptoms include:

  • Joint stiffness, especially after sitting for a period of time or sleeping
  • Swelling or tenderness in a joint or in the ankles or toes
  • Limited range of motion in the joint
  • Bone spurs (a growth of extra bone on the bone edges)

Adults over 50 are more likely to suffer from osteoarthritis since aging can change the structure of muscles, joints, and bones. But, aging is not the sole cause of osteoarthritis in older adults. Other factors that contribute to seniors developing the degenerative condition include:

  • Joint injury from an athletic accident
  • Combat injury
  • Family hereditary
  • Weight gain
  • Occupational work
  • Muscle weakness
  • Joint deformity

People with osteoarthritis may find it difficult to stay active and handle routine tasks because of the pain, muscle weakness, and stiffness. So, the degenerative condition has the potential to affect a person’s overall well-being and health.

Fortunately, FCP Live-In’s caregivers can help individuals maintain their quality of life as they manage osteoarthritis and its effects.

Link: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/osteoarthritis/symptoms-causes/syc-20351925

People with Osteoarthritis at Risk for Other Health Complications

Osteoarthritis pain, particularly in the knees and hips, can limit a person’s mobility and further jeopardize their health. For example, exercise is recommended to help strengthen the muscles. However, people with chronic knee or hip pain due to osteoarthritis are less likely to engage in regular physical activity.

Because of the pain and limited movement, a person with osteoarthritis risks gaining weight and suffering muscle weakness due to the lack of exercise.

The weight gain can increase a person’s risk of developing serious health conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. What’s more, being overweight and taking medications that can lead to bone loss and weakened muscles place additional pressure on knee and hip joints.

Osteoarthritis only makes things worse by further damaging the joints. In cases where the degenerative condition has caused severe joint damage, older adults may need a hip replacement or knee replacement to alleviate chronic pain.

Osteoarthritis Affects Millions of Older Adults

About 54 million adults in the United States have been diagnosed with arthritis, according to the Arthritis Foundation. And, the foundation expects that number to increase to more than 78 million by the year 2040.

Of the different types of arthritis, the foundation estimates that osteoarthritis impacts an estimated 31 million Americans, with the majority being adults 65 and over. In addition, the osteoarthritis affects 70 percent to 90 percent of adults over 75 years old.

According to an article in U.S. Pharmacist, by age 65, half of the population will have X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans or other type of radiographic imaging to show osteoarthritis in at least one joint. In addition, 85 percent of people show some sign of osteoarthritis after age 70.

Generally, osteoarthritis is treated with prescription medication, physical exercise, weight loss and other methods to improve movement and decrease pain. Unfortunately, even with treatment, osteoarthritis cannot be reversed.

No matter how severe the osteoarthritis, FCP Live-In caregivers can help people who suffer from the degenerative disease. Our direct care staff help to bring a sense of normalcy in the lives of seniors who cannot manage household responsibilities on their own.

Link: https://www.arthritis.org/Documents/Sections/About-Arthritis/arthritis-facts-stats-figures.pdf

Link: https://www.uspharmacist.com/article/osteoarthritis-in-seniors

In-Home Services Offer More Personalized Care

If you are caring for a loved one with osteoarthritis, you understand the pain management regime and the help with mobility your loved one needs. Giving your full-time attention to caregiving may disrupt your own daily routine and personal lifestyle.

Because of this, you may believe your loved one will receive more attention at a nursing home or assisted living facility. While long-term residential facilities offer 24-hour care, the employees take care of multiple residents who have different needs that need to be addressed each day. This means that your loved one may not receive the personalized attention at the exact moment it’s needed.

Allowing your loved one to remain at home and receive one-on-one care from a professional caregiver will go a long way in helping your loved one manage osteoarthritis.

About FCP Live-In And Our Osteoarthritis Care Services

We have provided the ultimate solution for assisted Osteoarthritis Care services since 1997. Our live-in Osteoarthritis Care services agency is committed to providing a unique and customized In-Home Osteoarthritis Care services approach to senior care with the goal of a lifestyle that provides enjoyment for the one in care, and families with peace of mind.

FCP Live-In is a Live-In Home Care company with over two decades of experience specializing in elderly care needs within the home. Our live-in caregiver staff provides an insurance policy of safe and supportive care, along with a 24/7 professional support system that is there for the client and the live-in caregiver at all times.

For more information about our Osteoarthritis Care services, contact FCP Live-In today at 1 (866) 559-9492 or please fill out the form below.

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