Share The Care Program – Eligibility in Connecticut

Share The Care Program – Eligibility in Connecticut

Join Our “Share The Care Program” In Connecticut And Help Us Help A Family With Live-In Care!

We are excited to announce our new “Share The Care Program” to help families in our communities get the care they need. We will be offering up to 30 days of live-in home care at NO COST to someone in need of care. This is one of FCP Live-In’s most important care events — especially in a year like this — so we’re counting on you today!

We are relying on YOU to help us select the people who need care. If you know someone who needs care but for one reason or another can’t receive the care they need but can provide housing for a live-in caregiver, we are here to help. Reach out to us and let us know.

This is an ongoing program and you can submit anyone for care at any time!

Please use the links below for more about the program or to submit an application for eligibility.

“Share The Care Program” Application

Live-In Home Care Assistance For Patients And Families


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