FCP Live-In Helps Michael O’Brien’s Mother, Who Has Dementia, Receive The Best Care Possible With One Live-In Caregiver.

Real Care Story: FCP Live-In Helps Michael O’Brien’s Mother, Who Has Dementia, Receive The Best Care Possible With One Live-In Caregiver.

“We were running four people through the house every day, and she [The Client’s Mother] couldn’t keep track of all the different faces, and that was stressing her out. FCP Live-In was, by far, a better option,” —Michael O’Brien

Like many adult children of aging parents, Michael O’Brien found himself having to make tough—and quick—decisions about his father’s care. O’Brien’s father was in declining health at a rehabilitation facility in Saco, Maine, and a decision was made to move him back home.

O’Brien said Seal Rock Healthcare, the facility where his father had been staying, recommended FCP Live-In to handle the around-the-clock care that his father needed. FCP Live-In provides comprehensive live-in caregiving services that include a seamless transition of care from hospitals or rehab to home.

Sadly, O’Brien’s father died before he could come home, so live-in care was not needed—or so O’Brien thought at the time. After his father’s death, O’Brien became aware of his mother’s deteriorating health. “Because he (my father) was requiring so much attention, I think my mom sort of slipped through the cracks,” O’Brien said.

Arrangements were made for O’Brien’s mother to receive home care. However, having an agency send multiple caregivers and trying to keep up with their schedules did not work well for O’Brien or his mother.

“We were running four people through the house every day, and she couldn’t keep track of all the different faces, and that was stressing her out,” O’Brien recalled. “You couldn’t even meet some of them. So you had to have a lot of trust in the agency on who they were sending over. FCP [FCP Live-In] was, by far, a better option.”

Because FCP Live-In provides consistency by having only one live-in caregiver, O’Brien contacted the company again and spoke with Care Coordinator Constance McFarland.

“I receive great satisfaction from helping our clients remain in their own homes,” McFarland said. “It is also rewarding to provide peace of mind for the adult children of our clients. They know that their loved ones are receiving the care they need safely and securely in their home.”

FCP Live-In Helps Seniors Age In Place

Since 1997, FCP Live-In has offered affordable live-in caregiving services for older adults who want to remain in their homes as they age in place but cannot care for themselves. Without someone to help them each day, seniors would have to uproot from their familiar surroundings and move into an assisted living facility or residential care facility. But how to help older adults stay in their homes is a question that all families have, according to FCP Live-In Regional Sales Manager Andrea Maroto.

“The one challenge that families and their loved ones always mention is that they don’t want to leave their home, their spouse, their memories,” Maroto said. “I often think about how wonderful it is for seniors to stay home and get the care they deserve and need while not losing what is most important to them: their family, friends, and the special place they call home.”

This was the vision that David Anthony had when he founded FCP Live-In over two decades ago.

“FCP Live-In is about caring for people,” said Anthony, the CEO of FCP Live-In. “Right now, you either have a home health aide who comes to the home for a few hours, or a loved one needs to go into an assisted living facility. But what if you take the best of both? An insured and bonded live-in caregiver that provides one-on-one care stays in the home. That’s where FCP Live-In comes in.”

Caregivers live with their clients and provide help with daily living activities, such as bathing or showering, dressing, grooming, bathroom assistance, and feeding. In addition, FCP Live-In caregivers also perform light housekeeping duties, such as dusting, sweeping, mopping floors, and making beds. Caregivers do not stop there. They cook nutritious meals and special diets, run errands, shop for groceries, and provide transportation to medical appointments.

The highly skilled caregivers of FCP Live-In are also experienced in helping seniors manage various health conditions, including strokes, heart disease, cancer, depression, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and other forms of dementia. Live-in caregivers also provide compassionate palliative care and end-of-life care to clients that bring comfort to their family members.

Although FCP Live-In caregivers begin their duties as soon as they settle in, it’s not unusual for clients to be wary, at first, of having a stranger live in their home. For example, O’Brien said it was initially difficult for his mother to accept someone new living with her. But now, O’Brien said the two have become very close, like roommates, and spend a lot of time doing things together.

Creating a good match between clients and live-in caregivers is essential to maintaining FCP Live-In’s success as a leading live-in service provider. All FCP Live-In caregivers are Certified Nursing Assistants, Home Health Aides, or Personal Care Assistants with two or more years of experience.

The company has a rigorous vetting process for those applying for live-in caregiver positions. Applicants undergo state and national background checks and in-depth interviews and are required to pass skills assessments. In addition, applicants must attend a 2-day orientation that further assesses their capabilities and attitudes.

“This process is important to ensure that FCP Live-In provides quality care to its clients,” McFarland said. “It also contributes to establishing a trusting relationship between our live-in caregivers and clients. Live-in caregivers work in a wide range of care situations, yet they can handle individualized care plans. In this way, our clients receive the best care possible.”

Other FCP Live-In personnel work with the primary caregivers and their clients. The company has a 24/7 professional support system, which begins with the direct care staff in the home and expands to a multi-faceted corporate structure, so assistance is always available.

The Benefits Of An FCP live-In Caregiver

Just as important as the care is the companionship that live-in caregivers provide. O’Brien said his mother has been diagnosed with dementia. When she’s having a “rough day,” her caregiver encourages her to write down things she wants to remember in a notebook. She also encourages his mother to pursue her passion for art and painting birdhouses.

According to O’Brien, the bond between the caregiver and his mother has extended to other family members.

“She has literally become part of the family,” O’Brien said. “But that didn’t happen overnight. There was an adjustment to that but for both parties. She had to adjust to our family, and we had to adjust to her. (It) has been exceptional.”

Establishing trust and forging positive relationships are an outgrowth of FCP Live-In’s mission of doing what it takes to help clients receive the care they need while allowing them to stay in their own homes.

“We take a proactive approach to caring for all of our clients and work closely with their families to provide the best care each individual client needs,” said Susan Sampson, RN, BSN, and Director of Caregiver Services at FCP Live-In.

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