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Caregiver Screening

Here is an overview of our caregiver screening, hiring, and ongoing training process to ensure that all of our caregivers are understanding the best practices for their job responsibilities:

Before an FCP Live-in Caregiver is even hired, we are taking important steps to ensure quality care…

  • Pre-screen calls are held with prospective caregivers where their skills, certification level, training and experience are discussed. Our caregivers are required to have certification as a CNAs, HHAs, or PCAs with 2+ years professional experience
  • Candidates meet with the recruiters for a more extensive interview
  • 3rd stage interviews are performed by the Operations team to further assess candidacy for the position
  • Candidates attend a 2-day orientation which their capabilities and attitude are still being assessed by the Operations team.
  • During this part of the process,

  • Caregiver candidates are required to undergo and pass our skills assessments.
  • Caregivers are educated on all company policies and procedures and they tested to ensure comprehension of materials presented.
  • National and State background checks are performed on all caregivers.

Also, I am sharing information on how we feel as an organization when we join a family as part of their care team. It is important to us that our team members are providing self-care, along with the care to the client.

We also share that same philosophy for the family caregivers, so we are always encouraging families to participate in the Live Well curriculum that we provide monthly and also listen in on the Caregiver Connections training that we are providing, also monthly, to our care staff.

The FCP Live-In Caregiver Hiring Standards

FCP Live-In recruits nationally to attract premium candidates that meet and exceed our caregiver hiring standards. From Nursing Assistant, Personal Care Attendant and/or Home Health Aide certification to professional caregiving experience, we make sure we hire people with experience. We also have caregivers do multiple interview processes so the client receives the best possible care from an FCP Live-In caregiver.

Nursing Assistant, Personal Care Attendant and/or Home Health Aide certification and professional caregiving experience

We require that all candidates must have a certification of Nursing Assistant, Personal Care Attendant and/or Home Health Aide for consideration for a position with our company. They are also required to have 2 plus years experience of PROFESSIONAL caregiving, meaning that they have worked in a healthcare facility, for a visiting nurse or hospice agency, in an assisted living facility or for another professional caregiving in-home service at the minimum of a 2 year period.

Interviews, surveys and assessment

Along with those requirements, candidates are required to take a survey that was developed by an outside company that specializes in job classification and assessments to determine the most prevalent characteristics of that individual, if they are meeting the benchmarks of what we require of our team members in the caregiving role and if they are an appropriate match for the live-in care model. All of these criteria must be met before coming on board with us or they will not be considered.

3 tiered interview process

The candidates undergo a 3 tiered interview process, meeting with at least 2 different interviewers from our organization, which include our Recruiter and Operations Director. Then, they are required to go through a skills assessment. They also receive 8 hours of training on their first day, in which we are observing their professionalism, on the job comprehension skills, teamwork, and attitude.

Hiring standards and ongoing training

Our recruiting website which covers some of the training information I am highlighting within this email, along with other features: Recruiting website:

The FCP Live-In Caregiving Role and Training Program

Along with competitive pay, benefits, bonuses and incentive packages, FCP Live-In provides state of the art training for all employees. We understand that our agency provides a very important service at a time when families are going through a crisis. Emotions can be high and our clients can be facing some of the most challenging health moments of their lives. Caregivers are required to be Certified Nursing Assistants with 2 plus years of professional experience, are required to undergo national and state-level background checks, reference checks, skills assessments, to determine appropriateness for live-in caregiving.

Holistic Wellness and Stress Management Training Program

Our agency staff is sensitive to our clients’ needs and emotions that are being caused by disease processes that are life-altering. We understand that this too can cause a stressful impact on our staff while providing care too. With that in mind, we have developed a system to monitor our staff and make sure that they are avoiding caregiver burnout. We also provide a unique Holistic Wellness and Stress Management Training Program that encompasses their needs and also gives our caregivers techniques to managing client stress and anxiety.

Alzheimer’s and dementia training

We also ensure that all of our caregivers have an extensive understanding of how to manage the conditions of one of the largest segments of our client population… those with dementia. About 90% of our customer base has Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia. The statistics reported from the Alzheimer’s Association are that 1 in 2 people over 85 years old have Alzheimer’s disease. Families are often coming to us because their loved one has been diagnosed with this disease and can no longer safely live on their own.

Alzheimer’s and dementia education

We, at FCP Live-In, have recognized that in order to successfully care for those individuals challenged with dementia, we need our staff thoroughly educated in the disease process, the behaviors and the most effective techniques to provide care. We have made a commitment to training all staff in our organization with the Alzheimer’s Association Habilitation approach to dementia care using the “Caring for People Alzheimer’s Disease” program created by the MA/NH Chapter.

We often work with the Alzheimer’s Associations to provide education about our “Holistic Stress Management Program” and we also have a CEU program for nurses and social workers

Educational in-services for staff and families called “Caregiver Connections

FCP Live-In has ongoing educational in-services for our care staff and families which is called “Caregiver Connections”. See below for an example of one of our “Caregiver Connections” training and attached for the quiz that all care staff is required to take and submit to our field supervisors. We also have a “Live Well” Monthly program that is published to help assist the care staff to incorporate all aspects of purposeful engagement and meeting different needs areas for our clients. Please see attached for December’s Live Well Program.

Caregiver Recognition Programs

FCP Live-In has also instituted a Caregiver of the Month Rewards and Recognition Program. Those recognized are chosen based on providing excellent customer care and service, contributing creative and innovative ideas and contributing valuable energy to the FCP Live-In. Staff is also recognized for Years of Service.

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