Patch – Many Older Adults Want To Stay In Their Home As Long As Possible

Many Older Adults Want To Stay In Their Home As Long As Possible

Bill Grodzki’s sister lived on her own and enjoyed traveling. In late February 2021 she suffered an event that landed her in the hospital

(FCP Live-In is an affordable alternative for those who want to age in their own home)

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Bill Grodzki’s sister lived on her own and loved to travel. Unfortunately, in late February 2021, she suffered a neurological medical event that landed her in the hospital. After her discharge, she underwent physical and occupational therapy at a rehabilitation center.

Before she was released from rehab, Bill was told that Janice would need around-the-clock care because she was a fall risk and her memory was declining. FCP Live-In was the home care agency recommended to him.

In March, Bill reached out to FCP Live-In and met with the agency’s care coordinator and the caregiver’s immediate supervisor, both of whom assured him that his sister would be in good hands.

“Both were friendly, professional, and compassionate,” Bill said. “After meeting with them, I felt very confident in contracting with the FCP agency.”

“Coordinating reliable live-in care and custom-designing the agency’s services to meet the complex health needs of our clients is where FCP Live-In excels,” said Kellie Krauchick, the care coordinator who met with Bill Grodzki.

“Our mission is to ensure that the services we provide will enhance the health and well-being of our clients and allow them to realize their goal of living independently,” Krauchick said.

Many older adults want to stay in their homes as long as possible even though they may have health challenges. For seniors who want to age in place but need daily assistance to do so, FCP Live-In is the agency to call.

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