Creating An HTML Signature in GMail

Creating An HTML Signature in GMail

Click on this link to open the new signature in a browser window:

1. Make a new tab and log into your GMail account. Do not close the “new signature” browser window.

2. In the upper right corner of the window click on the “Cog” icon. If you hover over it it will say “settings.”


3. A drop down navigation will pop up. Click “Settings.”


4. You are now in the Settings section of GMail. You should also be in the “General” tab within settings. If not, click on the “General” tab.


5. Scroll down to the “Signature” section. If you presently have a signature within the signature box, copy the information. After you copy the information delete the old signature.


6. Go back to the “new signature” browser window and select all of the signature and “copy” the whole signature.


7. Return back to the GMail window and click within the signature box. Paste the signature you just copied into the signature box.


8. In the new signature replace “My Name”, “Title”, and The telephone number, by selecting the present text and typing the new information. When you reach the email address click on the email address and a pop up will show the address followed by “Change” | “Remove”, select “Change”.


9. A pop-up box will show the “Text to display:” and ask you “To what email address should this link?”. Place your email address in both sections. When done click “OK”.


10. Scroll back up to the “Images” section and make sure “Always display external images” is selected.


11. Scroll all the way to the botom and press “Save Changes”. You are done adding the new signature. To check “Compose” a new email and your new signature should be in text section.


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