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Pancreatic Cancer Care, Caregiver | In-Home, Home Care, Live-In, Services, Agency  Solutions | Pancreatic Cancer Care Services, Pancreatic Cancer In-Home Home CarePancreatic cancer often develops without people feeling any symptoms in the early stages of the disease. Unfortunately, the disease has progressed by the time they receive a cancer diagnosis. Studies show that older adults are more likely to develop pancreatic cancer. As a result, seniors may find it difficult to care for themselves and handle common household chores. If pancreatic cancer has diminished your loved one’s quality of life, having a caregiver to help with daily activities can make a world of difference. This is where FCP Live-In Pancreatic Cancer Care services can help.

For over two decades, FCP Live-In has provided in-home care to seniors who want to live successfully in their homes while managing certain health conditions. With help from our dedicated and trained caregivers, we offer a variety of services that include:

Personal Care Services

  • Help with bathing, grooming, dressing
  • Help with toileting, incontinence care
  • Help with walking, getting in and out of bed or transferring to a wheelchair
  • Medication reminders

Light Housekeeping Services

  • Preparing nutritious meals
  • Making and changing beds
  • Cleaning kitchen and bathrooms
  • Light dusting, sweeping, vacuuming
  • Doing laundry
  • Grocery shopping
  • Providing transportation

Companion Services

  • Accompany client to medical appointments
  • Accompany client to social and recreational activities
  • Encourage exercise as directed by a healthcare provider
  • Engaging client in meaningful conversation
  • Provide emotional support and companionship
  • FCP Live-In is a leading in-home care agency that offers affordable, customized care for our clients. If you want your loved one to have quality in-home care turn to FCP Live-In. Call us today at 1 (866) 559-9492.

    Cancer Care, Caregiver | In-Home, Home Care, Live-In, Services, Agency Solutions Live-In Cancer Care

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    Symptoms and Risk Factors of Pancreatic Cancer

    Pancreatic cancer develops when uncontrolled cells form tumors in the pancreas, an organ located behind the stomach in the upper left abdomen. The tumors can grow over a long period of time before a person notices any signs or symptoms of the disease.

    It is unclear what causes pancreatic cancer, but researchers believe family history places people at risk for the disease or damage to a person’s DNA acquired at some point in life can cause the disease.

    Researchers also believe other factors can increase the risk of pancreatic cancer, such as:

    • Age
    • Chronic pancreatitis (Inflammation of the pancreas)
    • Diabetes
    • Diet
    • Obesity
    • Smoking

    Individuals in the early stages of pancreatic cancer may not even know they have the disease because there are very few warning signs. This is why pancreatic cancer is called the “silent disease” or the “silent killer.” A person could be in the late stages before receiving a diagnosis.

    The following signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer are indicators of the disease:

    • Abdominal pain
    • Blood clots in the lung or leg
    • Jaundice
    • Loss of appetite
    • Nausea and vomiting
    • Chronic pain
    • Unexplained weight loss

    Pancreatic cancer can leave people so debilitated that they can no longer prepare meals, keep house, and carry out other daily living activities.

    FCP Live-In excels in times like these. Our in-home caregivers provide services that help pancreatic cancer patients live securely and safely in their own home as they manage the disease.

    Cancer Care, Caregiver | In-Home, Home Care, Live-In, Services, Agency Solutions Live-In Cancer Care

    The Downside of Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

    Like treatment for other cancers, pancreatic cancer treatment can include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. These traditional cancer treatments can leave patients with serious side effects and cause unexpected complications.

    For example, studies have found chemotherapy treatment can damage major organs including the heart, kidneys, and lungs, according to the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). So, a pancreatic cancer patient could possibly experience some type of serious complications during or after chemotherapy.

    Besides side effects from cancer treatments, a person’s health can worsen when drugs that are taken to treat pancreatic cancer interfere with medication taken for a chronic illness, such as diabetes or hypertension.
    In these instances, doctors must find ways was to manage cancer drugs with medication for ongoing illnesses.

    Older Adults More At Risk for Pancreatic Cancer

    More than 56,700 people will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2019, accounting for 3 percent of all new cancer cases in the United States, according to the American Cancer Society (ACS). In addition, the ACS predicts that over 45,750 people will die of the disease in 2019, which is about 7.5 percent of all cancer deaths.

    Statistics from ASCO show that pancreatic cancer is the ninth most common cancer in women and the 10th most common cancer in men. According to the ASCO, the disease is the fourth leading cause of cancer death in both men and women.

    Unfortunately, older adults are more likely to have pancreatic cancer since advancing age increases the risk of developing the condition.

    According to an article in the World Journal of Gastroenterology, seniors make up more than 60 percent of new pancreatic cancer cases and 70 percent of deaths from the disease.

    Since older adults are more likely to struggle with the consequences of pancreatic cancer, having someone to care for them goes a long way in helping them to in their recovery. FCP Live-In caregivers come alongside to provide personal care and emotional support for seniors going through cancer treatment but who need help living independently in their own homes.

    Getting One-on-One Care for Your Loved One

    Family members and friends often provide the ongoing personal and physical care of their loved ones with pancreatic cancer. However, caregivers who have families of their own or work full time find it difficult to juggle their personal responsibilities with daily caregiving duties.

    If you are facing this type of situation, you may be considering moving your loved one into a nursing home or assisted living facility where you believe staff can more frequently monitor your loved one. Staff members, however, are assigned to multiple residents, and your loved one must wait to get attention or services.

    With in-home care, a skilled caregiver provides the immediate one-on-one attention your loved one needs. What’s more, a home care agency provides the same services as a long-term residential facility.

    Most importantly, your loved one can avoid another major life disruption by staying in the comfort of a familiar and secure environment.

    Cancer Care, Caregiver | In-Home, Home Care, Live-In, Services, Agency Solutions Live-In Cancer Care

    About FCP Live-In And Our Pancreatic Cancer Care Services

    Pancreatic Cancer Care, Caregiver | In-Home, Home Care, Live-In, Services, Agency  Solutions | Pancreatic Cancer Care Services, Pancreatic Cancer In-Home Home CareFCP Live-In has provided the ultimate solution for assisted Pancreatic Cancer Care services since 1997. Our live-in caregiver care services agency is committed to providing a unique and customized In-Home Pancreatic Cancer services approach to senior care with the goal of a lifestyle that provides enjoyment for the one in care, and families with peace of mind.  

    FCP Live-In is a Live-In Home Care company with over two decades of experience specializing in elderly care needs within the home. Our live-in caregiver staff provides an insurance policy of safe and supportive care, along with a 24/7 professional support system that is there for the client and the live-in caregiver at all times.

    For more information about our Pancreatic Cancer Care services, contact FCP Live-In today at 1 (866) 559-9492 or please fill out the form below.

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