Patch – Reliable Live-In Care Puts ‘Aging In Place’ In Seniors’ Reach

Reliable Live-In Care Puts ‘Aging In Place’ In Seniors’ Reach

As seniors look to age in place, live-in home care proves no place better to age than home.


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Gino Daigneault’s mother wanted to stay in her home but needed around-the-clock assistance to maintain her independence.

Like Daigneault’s mother, many seniors today want to age in place and live life on their own terms. However, Daigneault’s mother needed to feel comfortable with the person who would be caring for her each day.

So, Daigneault pursued the idea of having a live-in caregiver and discovered FCP Live-In an established agency that provides a variety of services for older adults who want to remain in their homes. The agency also has a process for matching live-in caregivers with clients.

“Our decision to choose FCP Live-In was easy to make,” Gino Daigneault said. “First, it was the one-on-one, twenty-four-hour care. Second, was finding that my mother quickly bonded with her caregiver, who knew her wants and needs. Third, it was the cost factor; we found FCP Live-In very affordable!”

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